Better Economic Opportunity

Atlanta has numerous Infrastructure and Transportation needs that are hindering Atlanta’s Economic Development. The undelivered infrastructure projects continue to be held up by procurement.

The reason for this is clear. We don't have enough qualified developers bidding on the projects … Why? Because we have run them off with the “pay for play.”

We need to reboot and regain the trust of developers to come and work in the city of Atlanta. We need to create an environment for developers where they know that the jobs are going to be issued fairly.

It should not matter how well your connection to City Hall is, or to the Procurement Team, or to the Mayor's office, or the City Council. The things that should matter most are that you are qualified to do the job that you are bidding on, and you are able to complete the job on time with a high level of quality.

We have to have a holistic approach to how we administer contracts in Atlanta. We have to develop a holistic approach to administering contracts that results in jobs and economic mobility for workers.

We should be a model for supporting businesses that excel in service delivery and improving the well being of their employees.

Better Transportation

Our city transportation is crucial for economic mobility.

Unfortunately, we have citizens who earn the least but have the greatest commute and the most difficulty in getting to their workplaces or job centers.

Atlanta needs to have transit-oriented development that makes accessible transportation to our work centers and our communities possible.

In 2018, the City Council initiated the Transportation Department, but now there's a backlog. We have done the work, we know what needs to be done, but the same bureaucracy is now clogging the procurement process.

Atlanta needs leadership that will cut through the red tape.

As your Mayor, I will create pathways that eliminate corruption and get to the core of solving transportation issues in our city.

I have the desire, the focus, and the resolve to make transportation a priority that yields results not excuses.

We no longer can afford city leadership allowing or enabling continual delays.

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