Better Educational Outcomes

The youth of our city for too long have become background, second tier, and not top priority by our city’s leadership.

It is time for Atlanta to have a leader with compassion to do the right thing and walk hand in hand with Atlanta Public Schools to ensure that every resource needed is provided for our young people.

Atlanta needs a leader who will focus on the next generation. Why? Because their future is our future.

Children born in certain areas of Atlanta have less than a 4% chance of making it out of poverty. This statistical fact is directly connected to the educational opportunities available.

It is on the elected leadership of our city to reach into the situations of poverty and provide a lifeline to pull people out of the situation that they didn’t ask to be in.

As a new kind of Mayor for Atlanta, this is the type of leadership I will bring with the focus on providing a safe community for every community in our city.

We Read Together

We Read Together is an incentive-based community reading program that aims to make reading a strength for elementary school aged students. The program seeks to engage the parents and encourage them to create learning environments in the home. By creating set aside times for family reading and sharing without distractions, students connect with their parents around reading and learning.

Paid for by Committee to Elect Kenny Hill

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