Better Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is essential to having an acceptable quality of life. As the population of our city has grown and housing cost increases have outpaced income growth. His has caused housing affordability to become scarce. I have a passion for affordable housing and a plan to increase its availability in our city.

I own a multi-family property and operate it as a mixed income community. The tenant roll is comprised of market rate renters, Atlanta Housing voucher program participants and formerly homeless families who are participating in our transitional housing program. This approach has worked for years and should be expanded.

My Plan for Better Affordable Housing Includes:

Leveraging the 800+ acres owned by Atlanta Housing and Partnering with Atlanta Public Schools regarding parcels they own near transit and job centers.

Supporting the issuance of a $200-$250 million in Affordable Housing Bonds.

Creating recurring revenue streams for affordable housing like the measure recently passed by the city council which will provide approx. $10 million per year.

Leverage key partnerships with organizations like NACA and The Atlanta Land Trust to transition renters into first time home buyers and to preserve land for affordable housing into perpetuity.

Partner with developers who have a record of delivering high quality developments and remain committed to supporting their communities.

Provide pathways to workforce home ownership for schoolteachers, police, and fire fighters. These people who serve our city should be able to live in our city.

Addressing the systemic poverty that traps residents in the 30-60% AMI categories.

The Launch Pad

The Launch Pad Foundation was founded in 2014 it serves as a vehicle to take people from homelessness and disenfranchisement into sustainable housing.

We partner with local homeless shelters and placement organizations to identify individuals who can benefit from the housing assistance while they acquire the skills needed to become self-sustained.

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