Better Affordable Housing

When I think about affordable housing, the Atlanta Housing Authority has not built a single-family development in 11 years. Let thank sink in … 11 years and there has been no Atlanta Housing Authority development.

While the former mayor who is now running for a 3rd Term touts that his administration was an economic boom for the city, there was no Atlanta Housing Authority development. Having a budget surplus was more important than addressing the needs of the thousands in need of housing.

Residents living in apartments owned by absentee or negligent landlords speak of nightly gunfire These are pockets of hopelessness and despair. These deplorable living conditions breed crime that spreads throughout the city.

And now, the need of affordable housing has compounded because it's been neglected. It is time to catch up.

As mayor of Atlanta, I will continue to create livable, safe, and affordable housing for the residents of this city.

The Launch Pad

The Launch Pad Foundation was founded in 2014 it serves as a vehicle to take people from homelessness and disenfranchisement into sustainable housing.

We partner with local homeless shelters and placement organizations to identify individuals who can benefit from the housing assistance while they acquire the skills needed to become self-sustained.

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