Better City Leadership

When I think about the challenges our city is facing, they are numerous, and they are serious:

The severity of the challenges our city is facing is due to Compromised Leadership

Career Politicians … Compromised City Leadership has led to the violent crime we are now facing in Atlanta. When the leaders of our city care more about their political careers, political agendas, and personal gain instead of providing the change needed, this type of corruption, negligence, and bureaucracy gives rise to chaos and crime.

Because city leadership has not truly addressed the needs of affordable housing, educational advancement, economic equity, empowerment, and mobility, frustration and diminished hope has been bred.

For example the Workforce Development Department has a history of corruption, mismanagement, and abuse. Millions of dollars have been returned to the federal government unused. Contracts have been awarded to groups with no qualifications other than their connection to the mayor.

When you have City Departments that are supposed to serve the needs of the least fortunate of our city and help them rise above their plight but instead serve their own lusts this is another sign of a failed system and compromised leadership.

Atlanta deserves a new kind of Mayor that will be focused on fighting for all citizens no matter if you live on the North side, the South side, the East side, or the West side.

This is “Change Worth Finding.”

Through my experience in business, I have learned the right way to do business. I've learned that you maintain your commitment to your associates, to your customers, to your suppliers and your shareholders. And when you lead in this manner, you don't disenfranchise anyone, and you actually enhance the forward momentum of your company. By showing compassion to all involved, you create true partnership. As a result, you have people truly pulling for the vision and pushing ahead in unity.

We need leadership in Atlanta that is capable of serving as the CEO to make the hard decisions concerning crime.

We also need leadership in Atlanta capable of serving as the CCO (Chief Compassion Officer) who looks at the homeless single families and the children who are not being educated to be able to compete in a global economy.

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