Better Public Safety

Atlanta’s Public Safety is a major issue in the city. Many neighborhoods and countless families are exposed to crime and unsafe environments every day in Atlanta. As a city, we cannot stand for that. We need to create a community that is safe for all families and visitors to this great city.

I have a comprehensive plan to enlist, equip, and empower the APD called “Back The BLUEprint.” With “Back The BLUEprint”, we will be engaging officers at the beginning of them becoming Police Officers of the APD in the Academy.

We will invest in the officers to empower them to become official ambassadors in the communities that they will serve. This new and innovative way of policing will become a template for other police departments.

We have to respond with adequate advocacy and representation in these communities because if we don't advocate for the attention and the trust of our young people then the criminal activity will.

With “Back The BLUEprint,” we are totally revisiting the impact on our officers and repositioning them to be successful on the job and in life.

Kenny Hill's Back the BLUEPrint Plan

Crime is at the top of everyone’s mind, and it must be addressed, however

“We cannot Arrest our Way out of this problem. We must Invest our way out.”

As mayor I will support our officers and our communities 100 percent!

My Back the BLUEPrint Plan Includes:

Recruiting and retaining a minimum of 2000 officers.

Building community connectivity with officers and citizens.

Addressing root causes and the fruit produced by criminal behavior.

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