Kenny Hill Videos

Kenny Hill's Back the BLUEPrint Plan

Kenny Hill knows that Public Safety is on the minds of every citizen in the City of Atlanta. Kenny has a plan to make Atlanta safe called "Back the BLUEPrint."

Kenny Hill on Leadership

For too long, Atlanta has gone without a leader who is working solely for the city’s interest and not their own. Politics has become more important than people. When I am mayor, that all comes to an end. I will champion the success of this great city.

"I Am Kenny Hill"

I Am Kenny Hill - Candidate for Mayor of Atlanta. I believe Change Worth Finding will create an Atlanta that we can all be proud of.

Kenny Hill Will Utilize The Potential in Atlanta

Kenny is a leader who brings others with him where he goes. That same mindset will be used to bring change to the City of Atlanta.

"When I met Kenny Hill..."

Kenny Hill, the Political Outsider

Kenny Hill's leadership cannot be bought. Only a political outsider can bring the change that Atlanta needs.

A Story to Remember

Kenny Hill, Candidate for Mayor of Atlanta - November 2, 2021 was recently asked “If you are elected as the 61st Mayor of Atlanta, what will your legacy look like?”

The LaunchPad

The Launch Pad Foundation was founded in 2014 it serves as a vehicle to take people from homelessness and disenfranchisement into sustainable housing. We partner with local homeless shelters and placement organizations to identify individuals who can benefit from the housing assistance while they acquire the skills needed to become self-sustained.

We Read Together

We Read Together is an incentive-based community reading program that aims to make reading a strength for elementary school aged students. The program seeks to engage the parents and encourage them to create learning environments in the home. By creating set aside times for family reading and sharing without distractions, students connect with their parents around reading and learning.

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