Because of the love I have for all of humanity, I have pursued a course of life to serve and uplift those in need and those desiring direction.

This same love is now compelling me to run for Atlanta Mayor to fulfill the destiny of our great city.

As a citizen of Atlanta, you will decide the type of Mayor you desire on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

When you Elect Kenny Hill as Mayor of Atlanta, you will engage servant leadership that enables transformational results for all of Atlanta.

Together, we will create "Change Worth Finding" that produces ...




We simply cannot arrest our way out of the crime. We must instead invest our way out.

When I take office as Mayor, my first priority will be to invest in Atlanta's safety by first recruiting and retaining the best police force available.

I am the candidate with a comprehensive pathway to create a new model of policing in America.

"Back the BLUEprint" will empower a private and public partnership that enables the Atlanta Police Department to become a top-tier force in our nation and serve as a successful template for other Police Departments.

This is the “Change Worth Finding” that my campaign is committed to produce.

When we do this, we will reap a bountiful harvest that allows all of Atlanta to flourish.




Our investment in a safer city will reignite a thriving economy.

As a Home Depot 30-year career leader and a present community activist; I see, hear, and experience the need for greater economic opportunity for all.

As your Mayor, we will bring the private and public stakeholders together to create economic opportunity that will boost careers and both small and large businesses, alike.

A thriving Atlanta causes current businesses to flourish, attracts new business, and job creation.

This is "Change Worth Finding."




As your Mayor, my administration will create pathways to affordable housing opportunities.

I started a small real estate business and founded a non-profit organization. We have helped to redevelop a community while lifting single mothers out of homelessness.

This experience has helped me understand how to create a homeownership pathway for low-medium income residents.

As your Mayor, I will employ these developed skills to perceive the depth of the need and deliver affordable housing for those who desire to call Atlanta home.

This is "Change Worth Finding."



In my administration, we will change the temperature of our conversation and enhance the pursuit of social justice and racial equality.

We will create a Unified Atlanta where we rise to the virtues of “The Beloved Community.”

This is change that we need and this is "Change Worth Finding."

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