Every week, Kenny hosts multiple events outlining different areas of his campaign.


16TH & 19TH

For Better Public Safety

Crime anywhere is a threat everywhere. But, we can’t just Arrest our way out of crime,

we must Invest our way out.

Attend this Virtual Town Hall with Kenny Hill and hear how his commitment to Public

Safety will create a city where you, your family and friends can dwell in peace.


23RD & 26TH

For Better Educational Outcomes

Children born in certain areas of Atlanta have less than a 4% chance of making it out of

poverty. This statistical fact is directly connected to the lack of support and educational

opportunities available.

Atlanta needs a leader who will focus on the next generation. Why? Because their

future is our future. Attend this Virtual Town Hall with Kenny Hill to hear how he will

create better opportunities and educational outcomes for the students of Atlanta.


3OTH &



For Better Affordable Housing

It is unacceptable that for 11years there has been no Atlanta Housing Authority single

family housing development. When you combine this deficiency with the current

Homeless population, the need for affordable housing has compounded.

Attend this Virtual Town Hall to hear Kenny Hill’s plan to address this most neglected

need of our city.


7TH & 10TH

For Better City Leadership

Crime, Corruption, and Career Politicians go hand in hand. We can no longer rely on

the people who got us in the mess we are in to fix all that has been broken.

Only an outsider can bring the change needed because Old Keys will not Open New

Doors. Attend this Virtual Town Hall to hear Kenny Hill’s plan for Change Worth Finding.


14TH & 17TH

For Better Economic Opportunities

It is unacceptable that Atlanta has numerous Infrastructure and Transportation needs

that are hindering Atlanta’s Economic Development.

Attend this VIrtual Town Hall with Kenny Hill to hear how his experience in the private

sector will create a successful path to build a thriving economy.


21ST & 24TH

Crime & Corruption

Crippling Crime is making our communities unsafe and threatening our way of life. We

deserve a mayor who is not committed to riding Atlanta of the corruption and political

posturing that keeps our great city back.

Changing Atlanta’s story begins with changing the leaders we elect. Attend this Virtual

Town Hall to hear the type of leadership Kenny Hill will bring to the Mayor’s office.


28TH &



Back the BLUEPrint

The men and women who serve and protect our residents, businesses, and

communities as Atlanta Police Officers deserve our full support. Kenny will recruit and

retain 2,000 sworn officers and improve community connectivity.

Attend this Virtual Town Hall with Kenny Hill to hear his plan to address crime before it

takes root by taking swift action against gangs and the places that provide them shelter.

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