We are in unprecedented times. This is not the time for business as usual or the status quo- we need a leadership reset. In this environment, measuring viable candidacy by the amount of money raised is no longer the litmus test for leadership.

Financially propping up a compromised system that only leads to deeper disparities is not the way forward for our city. What is required of leadership is a Conviction to root out corruption and lead all of Atlanta to public safety and economic success and the Compassion to advocate for those who have been marginalized or disenfranchised.

These qualities cannot be measured by the amount of contributions received but rather by the goodwill that has been dispersed. The record shows that my family has invested our time and resources: to lift families out of homelessness, support at risk children with literacy and mentorship, I've walked and cleaned the streets and I've advocated on behalf of what is just in our city.

You deserve a mayor who will serve every community and every citizen without regard of financial status or campaign contribution. For these reasons my campaign will not accept donations over $99 for this election. Servant leadership cannot be bought and your trust in me will never be sold.

Thank you in advance for investing in this campaign!

Every dollar you give in will help Kenny reach more citizens like yourself while making a lasting difference for history to record.

“Change Worth Finding” holds to the unifying focus that all Citizens of Atlanta …

… Desire a City Government that is accessible and accountable

… Deserve a CIty Leader who is committed to servant leadership that places the needs of the citizens above political agendas and personal gain


Your generous gift will help empower us to promote multiple mediums that reveal how the “Change Worth Finding” will build…

A Safer Atlanta for families and guests to enjoy,

A Thriving Atlanta for personal careers and businesses to flourish,

A Unified Atlanta to rise to the virtues of “The Beloved Community.”

Paid for by Committee to Elect Kenny Hill

PO Box 110244 Atlanta, GA 30311